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Dolphy’s health condition is very critical

Celebrities and ordinary people alike are all praying for the recovery of the comedy king, Dolphy.


June 9, Saturday, Dolphy was brought to Makati Medical Center due to shortness of breath caused by pneumonia. He was brought at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and was put under a respirator or medical ventilator to help him breathe.

Monday, June 18, Dolphy was in stable state so they removed the ventilator. However, it has only been 6 hours since he was out of ventilator when his condition began to deteriorate again, thus they put the ventilator back on.

In a text message sent today by Eric Quizon,  one of Dolphy’s sons and the family’s spokesperson, it was stated that the veteran comedienne was in a critical state. Also, Eric and the family asked for the people’s prayers for Dolphy’s recovery.

In an interview tonight with ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol, Eric Quizon revealed the real condition of his father. He said that it was 5 years ago when Dolphy was first diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), a progressive disease of the lung that is manifested as shortness of breath and chronic cough (with sputum). Using the analogy of cancer stages, Dolphy was already at the stage four 5 years ago, which meant that it was already critical then. Eric also said that since his diagnosis, the comedy king has been in and out of the hospital for the past 5 years.

Earlier yesterday, Dolphy was in a stable condition — all his vital signs were good. When his doctors saw this, he was taken out of the respirator, until a complication occurred 6 hours after. He developed a kidney problem/disorder as a complication of his COPD, which eventually led to toxic metabolic encephalopathy, a neurologic complication. Eric also reported that his father suffered from spasms last night. Further, the doctors said that his condition might lead to sepsis, a potentially deadly medical condition that is characterized by a whole-body infection and inflammatory state.
This morning, Dolphy needed a Type B+ blood transfusion, which he received from his children and grandchildren. Eric did not, however, revealed who among his siblings donated blood to their father.
Dolphy has been under intensive observation since this morning, particularly his kidney condition.
Eric also said that his father has been in and out of consciousness. He showed some signs that he can hear them by responding to them through simple gestures using his eyebrows, eyes, and simple twitches.

“He is a fighter”, Eric said. This was proven by the fact that he survived 10 episodes of pneumonia for the past year alone.

“Alam namin na he’s still hanging on”, said Eric about his father. He also wishes for his father to surpass through this like he always did. “Sana makasama pa namin siya ng matagal”, he said.
“Lahat kami ay vulnerable. We are all emotional”, Eric said when asked how his family is doing through this difficult time. It was also reported that Zsa Zsa Padilla, Dolphy’s current partner, hardly leaves Dolphy’s side nowadays.

Eric also assured the fans and supporters of his father that he will constantly update the people of his father’s condition. But right now, the doctors say that Dolphy’s condition is ”very critical”.

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