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Ramon Bautista declared persona non grata in Davao City after 'hipon' joke

Ramon Bautista was declared persona non grata by the city council of Davao on Tuesday, August 19, 2014.

According to the two-page resolution which the city vice mayor Paolo Duterte posted on his Facebook page, the comedian needs to "understand that as a visitor of a place he should be mindful of decency and propriety."

Ramon earned the ire of DavaoeƱos after he said that there are a lot of "hipon" (shrimp) in Davao during the August 16 celebration of the Kadayawan Festival. He was there as a celebrity guest and as an endorser of ayosdito.ph.

"Ang daming hipon dito sa Davao, alright, 'hipon, hipon.' ... When I say 'hi,' you say 'pon,'" Ramon said as a greeting to the crowd.

"Hipon" is a Filipino slang for someone with a sexy body but has an ugly face.

The city officials present at the event did not like what they heard, the vice mayor even talked to Ramon backstage to give him a one-on-one on respect, and then told the comedian to go back onstage to apologize.

But the apology did not stop Davao from banning him.

Also, the resolution mentioned about Ramon's Instagram photo where he has his arms around three young girls. He captioned the photo with: "Ito ang kabataan ngayon hihi #Kadayawan #YumoloNangNaaayonSaKakayahangBumawiKinabukasan #PasisikatinKitaHijaFoundation #LikeATito @ayosdito_ph"

Ramon Bautista in Kadayawan Festival 2014

The resolution said that Ramon's "insinuations that the young women in the picture are lusting for popularity because he is an endorser of ayosdito.com and Smart shows utter arrogance."

Meanwhile, to add to being persona non grata in Davao, copies of the resolution will be sent to the companies Ramon is working for or an endorser of.

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