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Daniel Padilla in audio scandal

A controversial audio recording of what sounds like Daniel Padilla's voice while talking to a couple of friends is making its rounds now on the internet and causing speculations that Daniel has his eyes set on someone else other than his love team, Kathryn Bernardo.

In the audio, the alleged Daniel talks about texting a girl that makes him "kilig."

He also mentioned about a guy who thinks he looks like Billy Joe Armstrong of Greenday in the way he dresses.

Towards the end of the recording, he seemed thrilled that a certain Patrick (who is a friend of Sam) has already left and no one will bug him anymore.

"Wala na si Patrick. Wala nang manggugulo sa 'kin. Wala na'ng tropa ni Sam," the voice was heard as saying.

Fans started speculating, linking actor-singer Sam Concepcion to the issue saying that he is the Sam the alleged voice of Daniel was referring to.

Speculations also went as far as connecting Sam's girlfriend, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, to the audio as the girl that was the topic of the conversation.

Meanwhile, Sam said he and Jasmine are okay but refused to comment on the issue when "The Buzz" tried to ask him about it.

Daniel, on the other hand, seemed unfazed and even laughed while saying, "Galingan n'yo!" to his detractors.

Check out the controversial audio recording below.

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