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James Reid falls off stage at Cosmo Bachelor 2014

Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2014: "Cosmo Tower 69", the gathering of the hottest and the yummiest men in the country, has just happened at the World Trade Center. 

The 10 Cosmo Centerfolds and 69 Cosmo Bachelors for 2014 paraded in their hottest forms, and entertained those men-loving people the sexiest way they can. They made sure the Cosmo ladies went home with a wide smile.

And probably the one who fulfilled those things the most was James Reid, one of this year's Cosmo Centerfolds, who graced the annual event for the very first time.

James Reid at the Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2014 (photo via cosmo.ph)

Yeah, the star of "Diary Ng Panget The Movie" and "Talk Back and You're Dead" is a certified hottie. He drew very loud cheers from the audience, but what happened to him during the show did really make the audience cheer more for him: James Reid fell into a hole at the runway while doing his walk as one of the 10 Cosmo Centerfolds. 

James was actually singing and dancing Chris Brown's "Let Me Take You Down" while modeling on stage, when he suddenly fell down the hole. He was wearing shades, and probably didn't take notice of the big and deep hole in the middle.

Watch these videos uploaded by Kaela Alto and Ginger Conejero, and see how James Reid fell off the stage:

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