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Bench on Coco Martin's "Naked Truth" Scandal

Bench has released an official statement regarding some elements of their "The Naked Truth Denim and Underwear Show" last Saturday that were seen as offensive.

"We at Bench apologize to the public for all the offensive elements of the show, 'The Naked Truth,'" the brand said in the statement it posted on Instagram on Tuesday. "We will take all these concerns seriously and will serve as a lesson learned when we plan our next show."

Bench: The Naked Truth Denim & Underwear Show

The women's rights group Gabriela earlier condemned the act in the fashion show where actor Coco Martin walked the runway holding a female model on a leash.

On Facebook, Gabriela's Liza Maza described the act as "degrading and dehumanizing portrayal of women" which Bench should apologize for.

Meanwhile, Bench also mentioned in its statement that they "shall continue to uphold the dignity of women and our commitment will remain so."

Photo: Instagram (yes_magazine)

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